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Matemingler is dating service for singles 18 years old and over who are seeking long-term relationships. Our mission is to offer the best of services, including activities that stimulate the dating process and the ability for people to discuss issues that are important to them in the realm of dating. We offer a 30 day free trial, during which members are able to get familiarized with the service before deciding whether to continue with one of our reasonable priced plans. Matemingler was not designed for those whose sole intention is to get laid; and that was one of the reasons why it was designed on a subscription based platform. We strongly believe that it is more than likely that only serious relationship-seekers will put down their valuable cash to join a unique dating service like ours. Hence, there’s a higher probability that someone you meet on Matemingler will have the same intentions as you. Nevertheless, we here agree upfront that we don’t know the primary intention of every member that may sign up and offer no guarantees.

We offer a 30 day free trial for those who want to satisfy their curiosity before they put down their hard earn money. We understand! Our 30 day free trial members will have the same features available to them like paying members, except for the ability to get free points to send gifts and flirt with other members. We believe it’s disrespectful, and further, annoying, not to be upfront with you in how we operate. While we welcome you as a member and would deeply appreciate your patronage, we do the same with the opposite. With this 30 day free trial, members will get the opportunity to get acquainted and enjoy the features of Matemingler and will more than likely sign up for a longer membership.

Our user interface was designed with simplicity as the objective and to offer an ultra user-friendly environment. After the initial sign up process, nothing else is mandatory, although we strongly advise that members take time to full out their profiles as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Anything less will take away from the fulfillment of your experience. Matemingler comes with many features to enhance the dating experience and our rates are affordable to boot. We welcome you to our 30 day free trial.

Have fun finding what you’re looking for!

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