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How it works

Initially, members have to sign up for 30 day free trial, after which they are four reasonable priced membership plans to choose from.

Paid membership plans come with free credits to enjoy premium products. However, 30 day trial members who have yet to choose a paid membership plan can earn free credits to enjoy premium products before 30 days elapse.

How members are matched

Members are matched based on their Preference selection, rather than by their personal characteristics. For example, if one member is black, that user is not automatically matched with other members who are black. Instead, that member is matched with the racial preference that member chooses on that members preference questionnaire, which could either be Black, White, Asian or it doesn’t matter. We strongly believe that this method provides a more accurate selection in finding the best partner for members instead of the traditional characteristics matching formula.


Credits are used to buy gifts and send flirts to other members. Each flirt cost 1 credit. Gifts cost varies based on the impression we think they may have on their recipient. Unused credits are good and remain on Accounts up to 30 days after any membership expires. After 30 days we reserve the right to cancel all unused credits.

Earn Credits

You don’t have to buy credits to enjoy our premium features. Earn Credits are credits you earn by referring someone to sign up. This is done by submitting to us the email of the person you are referring. We’ll then send to that person’s email a link where they can sign up to become a member, and upon doing so we’ll add 5 credits to your Account. There’s no limit as to how many people you can refer. For each referral you’ll get 5 credits. To submit the email of the person you’re referring, click Buy Credits or Account Settings >Billing>Credit Balance>Buy More, then select Earned Credits as the means by which you want to get credits.


*indicates features that require credits

Paid Membership     30 day free trial

Unlimited messaging

Send unlimited email messages to other members.


Send gifts to members you find attractive.


Indicate to members that you may be interested.

Public Photos

Display a variety of pictures of yourself.

Private Photos.

Make photos private and send private photos in messages.

Free Credits

Free credits allow members to enjoy premium features.

Earned Credits

Earn free credits by referring someone you know to sign up.

Chat Room Access

Chat live with other members.


Who viewed me

See other members who have looked at your profile.



Post random questions for other members to reply to as well as reply to other members’ questions.

Priority matching

Show up first in searches, and match referrals.


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